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Freedom to Dance

Freedom to DanceДелимся с вами отличной новостью!

Беларусь стала частью Freedom to Dance International! Мы поддерживаем принципы данного движения и счастливы объединять танцоров всех организаций на одном паркете!

Первым соревнованием в рамках Freedom to Dance станет Minsk Open Dance Festival, где 16 и 17 февраля мы будем рады видеть вас! Ведь в Falcon Club Arena места хватит для всех!

Freedom to Dance

Patron:  Sir Frederick Barclay, Knight of Saint Gregory


TO THE ORGANISER Mr. Aliaksandr Kazyra
16th and 17th of February 2019

Anne and I send our sincere congratulations to you on staging The Minsk Open Dance Festival, and it gives us tremendous pleasure to send you all our love and best wishes for a wonderful evening of dancing. We are moved and heartened that you believe in the Principle of Freedom to Dance, and it goes without saying you have the greatest support from Anne and I.

Freedom to Dance International began 9 years ago as a result of the banning of couples wishing to Dance in Major Championships.  In that time, together with our International Ambassadors, we have achieved the impossible dream of competitors and adjudicators from all Associations, Federations and Associations dancing together on the same floor with great peace and harmony!   This was unthinkable back in 2010, and it is with the unstinting support of Ambassadors such as yourselves, and our colleagues throughout the World that we have been able to achieve this goal.  Freedom to Dance now has the support of 26 Countries and 77 Ambassadors, throughout the World.

So we thank you most sincerely for all the hard work you are undertaking as Freedom to Dance International Ambassadors for Belarus and it is a vital pathway for the young and talented dancers in and around Central Europe.  It is our goal that all dancers should be free to Dance!

It is so heartening to see the magnificent facilities you have available for the competitors.  A spacious hall, lavishly decorated with a large dance floor.  High quality staging with state of the art lighting and finally live music from Rose’s Band to generate a wonderful atmosphere!   During the event the IDSU World Cup Pro-Am Latin American and Standard, and the IDSU World Cup Youth Under 21 Ten Dance along with the Grand Prix Professional Latin American and Standard will be featured with fabulous prize money and competitions for all ages and categories. 

The key to any competition is bringing great joy to the competitors and audience alike and we would like to thank you all for supporting Aliaksandr.

We only wish we could be with you, but rest assured you will be in our hearts and our spirit of dance will be with you every step of the way.


With our love,

 Anne Gleave
Richard Gleave OBE

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